Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty things in the post...

As usual we are a little behind with updating the blog, this happens when you have nine children to look after! Things have been changing, but first we have some big thank yous:

We had some books turn up for Ashish Tamang. They were the first to arrive and in all the excitement the letters got misplaced with the return address. We would love to send you a thank you letter and picture but we are not sure where to send it. Please if you send books to Ashish let us know. Also, sorry about the photo of Ashish above but he is still reusing to pose for pictures due to shyness.

Sujetta received books, a new skirt and shirt from Matilda and Lisa in Australia. The photos and letter she received are pasted up on the wall for everyone to see and when new visitors arrive she proudly shows them her friend in Australia.

Gorhe maybe the first Nepali boy to wear skinny leg jeans! He is looking too cute in his shirt and pants. His mum was really excited to show them off and Gorhe refused to take them off after the photo shoot. Thank you Kerri and Stuart.

The children have received quite a few new clothes recently but one thing we have not been able to source is a big world map for the wall. If anyone knows where we can get one for a reasonable price or has an old one they can send us we would really appreciate it.

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  1. What a beautiful post! You look very studious in this photo Ashish. I have sent a few parcels to Ashish and received a wonderful letter that like Sujetta I have have put on display. It makes me smile especially the wonderful drawing by Ashish. THANK YOU (I'll keep my eye out for a world map.)