Monday, November 15, 2010

Exciting news

Tomorrow our very first volunteer arrives in Pokhara. Of course we have had many volunteers before but this is the first volunteer which applied through the website and their stay has been completely organized by staff at the Eco Children Home.

We hope Josie has a wonderful stay and we look forward to sharing news about her trip with you soon.

Back to school

The children have returned from their villages after a month of festivities. They are all back at school. We received notice of the exam results for the term and they children all maintained their good grades. The children were ranked by the school in their individual classes and the results look like this :

Prita Gurung:-2nd position
Tirtha Gurung (Gorhe):-3rd position
Sujata Gurung;-4th position
Kamal Tamang;-2nd position
Hemlal Tamang:-1st position
Ashish Tamang:-3rd position
Herod Tamang:-2nd position
Manisha Nepali:-1st position 

We are very happy with the results and thank the volunteers and staff for their hard work at homework times.