Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A big hello from all of us here at the Eco Children Home. This is our new blog to keep sponsors, volunteers, supporters and friends up-to-date with all that is happening with us here in Nepal.

We have had some big changes: a new name, new staff, new children, new school  and a temporary new location. Slowly the children are settling into a routine and we are all happy with the new arrangements.

So let's introduce the new faces:

Badam Maya Gurung
House mother, and excellent goal keeper in a game of park football

Chej Kumari Gharti
House mother and amazing cook.

Tirtha (Goreh) Gurung
The baby of the home. He is cute as a button and twice as cheeky.
Pritta Gharti
Quirky and funny, Pritta is often a favourite with volunteers.

Sujata Gurung
Beautiful and spoilt, she is our little princess.

Bishnu Gurung
The big brother of the group.

We have also had a number of new volunteers: Asaf from Israel, Amanda from Australia, Rhea, Anna, and Ayaz from UK and Jolanda from Spain. Thank you for all the hard work and care. 

Asaf and Pritta
That is all the news for now but keep checking back for more updates and news.